Thursday, 27 February 2014

Interior: Vintage Romance

In my "spring" post I told you about changing my room a bit. It's been this way for a couple of years now  and I feel like it's time for a change. My room has white wooden furniture, a sandcolored floor. Three walls are whit, one red and one grey. I think I am going to paint the red wall into a soft light-blue colour to brighten things up. That would go perfect with my floor and furniture! It will make a fresh, beachy and breezy combination. At the moment I really love the romantic vintage look. Soft romantic curls and lace details combined with a 'old and recycled' vibe.

While i was snooping around on the Internet, another way of decorating a room catches my eye. Instead of soft blue tones, you can also use soft pink tones in a ´grown up´ way. When you use a really soft pink to give a grey and wooden room some 'oomph' it will still have this beach vibe. The outcome with these colours will be cleaner.

Decorations give your room a finishing touch. I found these adorable decorations that you can use in your bedroom, or in any other room in your home. I like clean colours like white and beige. But in decorations I'd like to combine these colours with softer ones like blue, pink and soft brown colours.

"Home is where the heart is."
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