Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Be Positive!

Yay! Be positive, feel happy, stay bright! Being positive makes life so much easier. That way you will be able to make some negative experiences or situations easier to handle. In this post I'll tell you how you can be positive and what the benefits are. In fact, you can even help other people with being positive! I am not a therapist, but I can tell you my little secrets.

How to be positive?
When someone is 'positive', that person is able to see the light in every dark moment. Almost every dark side, has a positive side. Being positive is also the power to turn things around. You can always turn a negative situation into something positive! I'll give you a small example:

The negative situation: "I just lost my stupid job because my awful boss thinks I'm too old... Now I can't go on vacation with my friends, go out in the weekend or buy new clothes."

The positive situation: "I just lost my job I didn't like, which means I have the opportunity to find a new job which is more fun! In the mean time, I have some free time to focus on school. I can't go out, but I'll just invite some friends at home in the weekend. That will be even more fun."

See? It's easier than you think! Just find the small benefits in every situation. Of course you're allowed to feel sad, have a good cry or even be angry at a situation. That's normal. Just be sure to dry your tears after that, and make a good list of positive things about the situation. You'll be back on your feet in no time!

The benefits 
First of all: you'll feel better! Life can drag you down with it's nasty twists in life, but you can kick some ass by turning it in something positive. This will also make you stronger! It'll be harder for others to drag you down or to make you feel bad. Second of all, you'll look better! People who are positive minded and feel comfortable in their own skin stand up straight and with their head up high. The positive glow on you will make you look good. You'll see, just wait for the compliments!

A big benefit for me is that you are able to help others. Some people find it hard to see that little light and can't keep there head up. That's where you come in! Dry their tears and give them a smal light. Make it shine really bright for them so you can help them back on their feet. This will give you so much energy and it feels really good. This way you can inspire other people. You can help them look at things from another angle, and change the perspective. I can tell you, it feels damn good when you can make someone smile again.

To make a nice and inspirational end to this post I want to bomb you with some positive pictures and quotes! Take it all in. Think about what being positive means to you. Are you a positive person or do you have to work a little harder to think positive? Let me know!

"I found the key to life. I'm okay when everything is not okay.  -Tori Amos" 

Lots of love 

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