Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Dealing with a lack of concentration

Last post I talked about 'Dealing with a rainy day'. I mentioned the fact that you might need to finish a paper, or other important stuff but you simply can't concentrate. Last post I talked about taking a rest when this happens. Sometimes you just can't do it and you need to put it away for a moment and try again next day. Well, here's the thing. As a student, I have deadlines. And yes, I'm not a very good organiser and always end up doing the most important stuff on the very last moment. For me it works, because it gives me an energy boost that can keep me going for hours. But what if you don't have this energy boost? Sometimes I get so frustrated when something doesn't come out the way I want to that I loose my focus. Here are some tips for you when you lost your concentration!


  • Breath 
Inhale, exhale. Repeat. Let's go back to basic for a moment. Being frustrated, angry or sad because you can't focus doesn't help. Let go of these emotions and frustrations. They won't help you to get the job done! Focus on the yourself and calming down. Take a little break. Once you feel inner peace again, you can try again! If not, follow the rest of the steps. 
  • Clean up your mess! 
I know, I hate it too. But cleaning your messy desk really helps clearing your mind too! After you've cleaned your room, you won't be distracted by random things surrounding you and it will be easier to focus. It will also be easier to find the stuff you need, and to organise your work. It doesn't have to be super neat, just clean the space you are working in. Messy desks will make the job harder! 

  • Organise 
My favourite! I am a very dreamy person, and I find it very hard to organise my thoughts. They are all over the place in my head! For that reason, I always carry around a little notebook. I got one in my room, but also one in my bag at all times. When you feel all messy in your head and you have no idea where to start, write it down. Write everything down you need to do. This can be work related, but you can also do this with your private life. Once you wrote everything down, give it a priority. What has to be finished first? What can you do later? After that, cut every single thing in pieces. So don't write down: 
- Write my paper. 
Do it like this:
- Make chapters for my paper 
- Do research for my paper
- And so on. 

This way the goals you set for yourself will be easier to reach! And honestly, the moment you can say you did it, feels good! This way you can reach more goals on your to-do list, which keeps you going! 
  • Take a break 
Breaks are very important. Not everyone can go on for six hours straight. This is actually really unhealthy and will make it very hard for you to finish your to-do list and find your concentration. You can only fully concentrate for about a hour. Than you need at least 15 minutes to clear your head. When you take a break, be sure to eat and drink something. Make a cup of tea every time you take a break, and eat something healthy. When you're studying or working, your body uses a lot of energy and needs to be fuelled. Same goes for the brain! Even though you are sitting the entire time, thinking costs energy. Some fruit is always a good idea and gives you the energy to keep on going. Try to avoid things like Red Bull. This contains many sugars, which will help you focus for a very short period of time. It will give you a short boost, and after that your body will need more and your sugar will drop very fast which will make you sleepy. This will cause a lack of concentration. 

  • Fresh air! 
Something that ALWAYS does the trick. Fresh air! Open a window, or take a walk. Fill your lungs with fresh air and make the wind blow your head all clean and fresh! This is the number one trick to get back your concentration. Relax for a moment and clear your mind. Your energy and concentration will be back in no time. 
  • Focus on your goals 
When your concentration is failing, take a moment to focus on the reason why you need to do this. Why do you have to finish this paper? Because you want to become someone. Why do you have this administration? For everything you have to do is a very good reason. Take a moment to find these reasons and focus on your main goal. That's why you are working so hard, because you want to achieve something! This will help you do your best and find your concentration. 

  • Reward yourself 
Last but not least, reward yourself! Think about something you can do when you are finished. What would you do with all that free time? I always promise myself a good movie, in PJ's, with a huge cup of tea. Sometimes I let myself cheat and I can have some chocolate ;) Give yourself a little treat, it doesn't have to be big. Just something that will make you happy! 

I hope this will help you when you need some concentration and focus. If you have any other ideas that work for you, please let me know! This way we could help each other out and try different things. Go for it, you can do it! 

Lots of love 

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