Thursday, 13 February 2014


It probably won´t surprise you that I am a huge daydreamer, knowing that I named my blog ´Daydreamer´. Time to explain why! Always have been a daydreamer, and always will be. As a child I always used to sit in the back off the class, spending time drawing, watching birds float trough the sky, trying to find funny shaped clouds. I could ´miss´ an entire day this way. And I missed every single thing said in class. Yep. Luckily I made it every single year.

Unfortunately I became older. As soon as you are all grown up, you´re not allowed to daydream anymore. You´ve got to go to school and actually pay attention. And when you get home, you have to do your homework properly. Without the little sketches in the corners. You even have to work, make some money. BUT as soon as you daydream, and don´t do your work as you're supposed to do, they´ll fire you.

Luckily, I still can drift off to my own fantasy world in my head and everything beyond. When I´m done with school, with my chores and I know I get the rest of the day off, I allow myself to make myself comfortable with a good book or a movie. As soon as I read two lines, or the movie played for five minutes, I´m off. In my head, I am actually right there in the very middle of the story. The entire real world is shut down and I can let go. Let go of daily struggles, stress and negative energy. This is a moment of peace for me, and also a little rest. It´s hard for me to shut down energy people radiate, so the entire day I can feel it and it makes me tired. By dreaming I can literally let go of all this energy in no time.

How to daydream? Well, that's easy. Clear your mind of daily struggles, and just let your thoughts wander. Wandering is key here. Loose your focus and just let the thoughts come. Just make sure you keep the thoughts positive. The rest will follow! 

Are you a daydreamer? How do you handle daydreaming in daily life? Let me know!

              “A daily dose of daydreaming heals the heart, soothes the soul, and                                        strengthens the imagination.   -Richelle E. Goodrich 
Lots of love 

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