Saturday, 15 February 2014

Grab that chance!

Today I want to talk to you guys about taking chances. My life is slightly changing lately, because I'm letting some things go that give me a lot of negative energy. I feel that new chances got the room to suddenly appear. These new chances are right there in front of you. It's your choice if you take them, or leave them.

The problem with taking chances is that they're scary. You don't know what is going to happen as soon as you jump in to it. You need to be open minded, watch and learn. You can't tell upfront what is going to happen. It might be something really good, or it might not be what you expected. What to do when one of these chances suddenly appear?

In my experience, you really have to listen to your heart and your intuition. That gut feeling tells you when something isn't quite right about it, or it gives you butterfly's in your stomach! As soon as this happens, you can trust on that feeling. Make sure to use your head too, something aren't as possible as you think they are.

My experience with taking chances and jumping into things, is that is feels good: they are so worth it. I never regretted anything I grabbed with both hands, because it felt good. Life attends to throw something nice in your lap. You only have to notice it, recognise it, and take it. Today I had a moment like that. I saw a very small advertising on the Internet about a girl with autism that needs a buddy. In 45 minutes I am having an interview because I immediately sended an e-mail because I was just looking for someone who needed a buddy to give support, and do fun things with. Today I am taking a chance. I am jumping full into something that I don't know anything about. I don't know how it works, what I have to do or if I even have a good connection with this girl. But my gut feeling says it's okay. At least I'll try and find out if this is something for me, so I can't regret it later on. Another thing that recently happened, is that I applied for a new job. Why? Because my best friend randomly told me that they needed staff at the nursing home where she works. Just at the moment I am starting to hate my current job.

We grow our entire life. No matter how big or small this growth is, or what age you are. We all experience and learn in our lives, which means we can grow out of something. Our job will become to easy, our home  will be to small, or that one friend won't be good for you anymore. We move on. We change our lives. We fill it with activities we need and we like to do at that very moment. We have different desires. We change. We take chances.

My advice: open up your eyes. You don't like the way things are going in your life right now? Watch it. Life will organise a way for you to change it. Watch it closely, and grab the chance as soon as it appears.

"When life gives you lemons..."

Lots of love 

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