Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Dealing with a rainy day

Here in The Netherlands we have a lot of grey, sad, rainy day's. The weather is cold, the wind is blowing, and the rain doesn't stop pouring on your windows. These days usually can make you feel down. Maybe you are, and just had a rough day. Maybe you need to finish a paper for school, or do your administration. And you absolutely feel like shit today and can't get anything done. Sometimes it's better to stop with what you're doing, clear your head, and try next day when you're all fresh. Time to use these days for some me-time and pulling yourself together!

  • Clean your schedule 
First of all, clean your schedule when you're able to. Only do the things you absolutely have to do. Cancel the rest of it! Give yourself a well deserved day off and fill it with the things you want to do. Or not do. 
  • Invite a friend 
Maybe you need your best friend to talk with or just some company if you don't like to spend your day on your own. Make some fancy dinner together, plan a movie-night at home and make yourselves comfortable. Your friend will get that smile back on your face in no time and will make you feel better! 
  • Pyjama time!
Yes, you heard it right. No plans for today? You don't have to leave the house? Take a very long shower and throw on some nice, comfy, soft PJ's. Make some hot chocolate, go watch that good movie you've always wanted to see or your favourite movie. Or grab a good book instead and crawl under the blankets. Make yourself comfortable and allow yourself to drift off in your own little world. 

  • Do something you never had the time for
I for example, always use to paint when I was younger. Unfortunately life got too busy and I have no time at all to do it. Sometimes, on these rainy days, I remember how much fun it was and take the time to do it. Maybe you've always wanted to sort out your photo's of you and your friends to put them in frames, but you were never able to find the time for it. Now is the right time to do it! 
  • Take a walk in the rain
Yes, I am serious. Grab a umbrella, raincoat and some boots. You are going to take a long walk in the rain and enjoy every minute of it. Notice the smell, and how quiet it is outside besides the little tingle of the rain pouring on the streets. Notice the different colours of grey the sky has. Open your eyes, and actually 'see' the world around you. This will reload your energy and open up your mind. 

When the circumstances make it hard for you to do what you want to do, go with the flow. Don't fight it. Sometimes life is giving you a little break in it's own form, because you need one. Take that break and enjoy it. Tomorrow will be another day.  

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain"

Lots of love

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